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First time I ever heard the name was visiting my parents. They of course were no longer with the full family attending any church so would ...

Tuesday, May 31, 2022


First time I ever heard the name was visiting my parents. They of course were no longer with the full family attending any church so would visit different ones seeking really for a new one where they felt the spirit showed up. Mom wanted to try a church I don't remember the town.. remember it was a Vineyard organization a newer church so no church building. They had an office kinda place warehouse type lots connected together, so a bit smaller than giant companies. There was a waiting area with just a cafeteria type table set up in the entry of it with different items on the table, might have been some for sale also but the vineyard magazine which they put out maybe once a month? My mom grabbed a couple as on front mentions article written by Cynthia Jacobs she used at that time. They were free to take a copy not large they weren't. Mom said LOOK!! Your name is on this writing a story or what ever article she did. Mom haded me a magazine..took one herself. I did open it...start a bit and pitched that thing. Well Daddy no say anything to me, am sure just observed me. I then later years started seeing books of hers in book stores and noticed also did change her name to Cindy. Never ever led to read one, did pick a couple up good titles might have flipped through glancing...drop back I did.

I did know she started then being called a prophetess, don't have any clue who trained her there. Then even heard her being called an Apostle. I did know Matthew I think might have attended there and left. He did play some music from a church CD when I watched good music but don't remember the church. He also like myself would hear the Lord in secular music, so we had that also in common...and would play you never knew what ones on his Saterday night Ride program. Sometimes mentioning scriptures and sometimes not...did read a few prophets book verses.. but really didn't preach.. mention things in news, mention judgment that big one. I think not sure but he mentioned even one I think my sister-in-law went to that Lakeland FL think that was and he went there pronounce judgment on that new move of the spirit them had. So a place I did recognized being a movement from my sister-in-law going too but Matthew didn't give dates he did that so I don't know when the man started doing these things to know any year. It was just a mention.

Now to my knowledge she went to these things with girlfriends my big brother didn't go, or if he did was not over taken with this as she was. She purchased me all kinds of things books, key chains etc with Jabez prayer things.. taping saying on her bathroom mirror just everywhere say.

There were all kinds of movements folks, people barking like dogs, people sprinkled with gold dust those happening different times I usually knew what was happening. Looking for anyone that testified of following Messiah I knew as Jesus too, but never words of his used.

I think he even came to Lexington KY and did some of that too...of course anything done Lexington, I think of the crying I did to the Lord not to come here because the newks he said would hit if they did not change by Dan Bohler prophecies and had come preached here.  Went to many cities.

Just wanted to update this and let all know this was how I knew the name then hearing it from as I never followed a woman I knew they were all out of place...but checked some as they were mentioned by so called men prophets.  Investigative reporter I was at watching...and men pointing to women.  Definitely never heard out of Matthews mouth very hard on them he was...almost hateful...still no run me off.

Just wanted all to know how I heard the name first hearing of it visiting my mom and dad.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


The Bride Is Global Now | Cindy Jacobs and Matthew Stephen Moranor

 The first time I ever heard about Cindy Jacobs, was visiting my mom and dad.  We went to a church I believe my mom wanted to try.  It was actually in a section of office type building, not a formal church.  I believe it was the Vineyard Church.  One the table entering were magazine type of the church.  Cindy Jacobs at that time a writer for it.  Mom noticed the name pointed it out to me right away and handed me a magazine.  I started to read it and trashed it.  Would then if went into Christian bookstores, noticed she was writing books.....never ever was drawn of the Lord to read any of her shit....but boy it was everywhere, book after book.

She rose up within ministry from that.  Now a profitTESS and apostle even...of Paul

Yes the world has profits not prophets of Yeshua.  I think I even called Stephen Benning one back when ran into Matthew Yeshua...but God for some reason all these years I would check up on Stephen, never stayed long he taught doctrines of men.  Then Matthew showed up there that was how led to Matthew, I never in all the years checking up on Stephen followed any of the ministries the man had till Matthew.  Many times would go up to 5 years without checking up on him.

I had to pray and ask Father about Matthew as He would NOT talk to me...and his site never had his testimony or much of anything about him.  My prayers would be answered in his midnight ride broadcast, talking not written.  I went to Father about the man.  I don't seek man for things of GOD OUR FATHER. 


Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 Shortly after husband and I moved into our house, our eldest 2-3 yrs old he made jewelry...he made me a ring fits my right hand.  I being an Ehrman married to a the Jacobs made it for an Ehrman.  I am not able to get a good pic of it tried..need professional...need to take to a jeweler to even know the type stone he used as I asked him and he didn't remember.  I have 3 rings he made me..other 2 are natural turquoise.  He also made me a bracelet and necklace.  Then pretty much quit making jewelry.  All are out of silver bands...the necklace strung with coral and natural stones turquoise.  My birthstone.  All silver is black, fitting for color of judgment.

He ground the stone...and would polish, if no like grind again over and over till got what he wanted in the stone.  Only the one ring is ground like that... center pic on it is a lioness head.  My guess as to the stone used is that it is Jasper.  About Jasper

Who was Jacobs well given to?  Joseph

Who did Yeshua go to first??? Woman of the Gospel...first to know Yeshua Messiah

Find me another woman that only followed Yeshua.

I believe the Ehrman's are from the tribe of Joseph... husband tribe of Levi, and believe Matthew tribe of Judah (Lion)   Most believe Mary, Yeshua's mother in flesh was tribe of Levi, of course child born within the house of 3 houses

Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand.

Joseph had 2 son's Ephraim God said He would destroy the root of

Ephraim is smitten, their root is dried up, they shall bear no fruit: yea, though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb.

Ephraim not mentioned in book of Revelations